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Copyright Amanda Cotton

"Water is Life - Water is inspiration"

There has been no moment I have not been amazed by or felt unsecured in the water.

​Water to me is synonym of breathing, relaxing. It is the place of magics, peace and wonders, of completeness.

Ocean is generous and vital, not just to me, but to any and every one of us. How not to give back and render justice to it?

And as such, photography has been the best media I have found to share this experience of the life and the beauty down there. To give back a little bit of what I gratefully received. To raise any possible form of awareness and interest around the subject.

Through pictures and the stories they tell, I hope to underlined the different relationships and similarities, in all their diversity and complexity, that humans can have with the underwater world. Cause, as many sayings describe it way better, we cherish what we know, understand and feel close to.

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