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KINTSUGI - Water is Gold

In Japan, there is a technique of repairing broken ceramics and potteries using gold to put the pieces back together. This technique turned into an art and further gave birth to a philosophy considering that when something’s suffered damage and has a history, it becomes more beautiful. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object's history, which eventually adds to its beauty.

This art is known as KINTSUGI.

In a way, we can consider we all are our own piece of broken pottery that we put back all together with our own hands. Through damages, we changed, irrevocably and permanently, but this is also how we get fuller and richer, and how we learn to appreciate true joy and beauty. Wounds and breakages are honest and honourable part of our past we shouldn’t be hiding or disguise. This rather defines each one of us through our own uniqueness. And as such Kintsugi is also a call to embrace and illuminate our imperfections.

Similarly to gold, water has this power to ease the process of reunification and sublimation, as well as to reveal the beauty. and depth in anyone of us. Water can have this magical capability to heal the wounds, to recompose your being and to make you come out as a better and more aware version of your self. Water fills in the gaps, dispels the turmoil and calms the mind. This is one of the possible relationship one can have to water and likely one of those I cherish the most in the way it can be experienced as a revelation of who you truly are. And this, even more than gold, is priceless.

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